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SK8ROOTS is a project in Iceland with free skate lessons for kids, teenagers and young people with special needs.  


 Skateboarding is a passion for many young kids that have not found their interests and style in other sports and often go down a bad path.

Skate programs and Skate Schools can have a huge impact on the new generation by mentoring and teaching them how to work towards a better future.

Through skateboarding this project brings together people from diverse backgrounds. Skateboarding can give them self-esteem and pride. Brings them a sense of freedom, possibility and purpose.


The Founder

Hugo Hoffmeister

Skateboarder since 1993 born in Maringá - PR Brazil. He has worked for several skateboard companies since he was a teenager, founded Sk8roots in Brazil in 2002 with some friends from his city and built his first skatepark in 2006 and started teaching skateboarding and traveling the world looking for the best places to skate. He participated in international championships and was part of many skateboarding projects always striving to improve the skateboarding culture .
Since he founded Sk8roots in Iceland, linking skateboarding with education, he has been improving his knowledge related to children's psychology and autism.

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